5 Kinds of packing methods for special mold parts

Different from standard mold parts, special mold parts always have different shapes and contours according to customers’ drawings. Moreover, due to high hardness of material such as steel and tungsten carbide, right packing methods are important for a long-distance transportation. According to our rich experiences of exporting to overseas market, we strongly recommend  5 kinds of packing methods for special mold parts to you.

Mold parts package(1)

In today’s post, I’ll cover:

Method 1: Packed by thick plastic bags 
Method 2: Packed by pearl cotton
Method 3: Packed by plastic sleeves
Method 4: Packed by plastic boxes
Method 5: Packed by PVC tubes

Method 1: Packed by thick plastic bags.

Mold parts package-1

First, we pack parts with thick plastic bags, then heat-press the bags and ensure every each single part can be wrapped tightly. The packing method is suitable for small parts without sharp edges.

Method 2: Packed by pearl cotton.

Mold parts package-2

For blanking punches or piercing punches, sharp edges must be free from chipping and damage. Suitable packing methods is important to transport safely. We dig holes according to punches’ total length and external diameter on thick pearl cotton. It is a flexible packing way and can put a lot of small punches. 

Method 3: Packed by plastic sleeves.

Mold parts package-3

This method is fine with a small quantity of parts. Moreover, it is convenient to put in and take out. But for parts with sharp edges, It is possible to damage during transportation.

Method 4: Packed by plastic boxes.

Mold parts package-4

Due to high hardness and fragile characters of tungsten carbide, normally we use plastic boxes to pack these parts. There is a layer of thick pearl cotton in the bottom of box. After putting the parts into the boxes, a double faced adhesive tape will fix the parts on the boxes. It will prevent the parts from knocking against each others.

Method 5: Packed by PVC tubes.

Mold parts package-5

For long and thin parts, such as ejector pins, there is a high risk of deformation if there is a heavy pressure during transportation. We purchase long PVC tubes and cut them off according total length of parts. It is a good way to prevent from deformation.


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