Ejector sleeves with holes Φ3.4h7x250.46mm

Ejector sleeves with hole Φ3.4h7x250.46mm

Product Description

  • Name: ejector sleeves with long and small holes
  • Dimensions: Φ3.4h7x250.46mm
  • Advanced machining process such as Profile grinding, mirror EDM from MITSUBISHI, Japan. Wire-EDM from Seibu, Japan.
  • The maximum length can reach 500mm, maximum Diacan reach 600mm, Minimum Dia  can reach 0.3mm. Precision 0.005mm can be guaranteed.
  • Threads on the axis can be machined by grinding, Concentricity 0.005mmcan be guaranteed.
  • +/-0.001-0.005mm can be reached.
  • Inspection machines including Projector from Nikon, Japan, Height gauges from Nikon, Japan and Digimar, Germany, Roundness gauge from  Mitutoyo, Japan etc.

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