Ejector sleeves with holes Φ3.401+0.008×250.46mm

Ejector sleeves with hole Φ3.401+0.008×250.46mm

Product Description

  • Material: 1.2210 with 56-58 HRC
  • Dimensions: Φ3.401+0.008xΦ3.70xΦ12×250.46mm
  • Processing Procudures: Rough Turning → Heat Treatment → Cylindrical Grinding External Diameter → Forming Grinding Head → Face Grinding → Precision Wire-Cutting Inner Hole →  Fine Polishing
  • Processing Difficulties: Precision Wire-Cutting Inner Hole Φ3.401+0.008, quality Wire-Cutting machines and skilled operators are both essential
  • Application: Plastic injection molds

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