Manufacturing Facility

We continue to invest in equipment, improve product quality, reduce production costs and keep profits to our customers!

Working process

Step-grinding Machine
  • Step Grinding Machines
  • Grinding pins minimum to Ø0.05
  • Profile-grinding Machine from WAIDA, Japan
  • Good at grinding complex profiles
Wire-EDM Machine
  • Wire-EDM Machine from Seibu, Japan
  • Machining accuracy: +/-0.001mm
  • Small Hole EDM-Machine from Switzerland
  • Produce hole minimum to Ø0.2+/-0.001mm
  • Mirror EDM Machine from MITSUBISHI, Japan
  • Machining accuracy: +/-0.002mm
  • CNC Lathing Machine from TAKISAWA, Taiwan
  • Machining accuracy: +/-0.005mm
  • Punch Forming Machine
  • Grinding accuracy: +/-0.001mm
  • Fine polishing: Ra0.1
  • Centerless Grinding Machine from Taiwan
  • Grinding accuracy: 0.001mm
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine from China
  • Grinding accuracy: 0.002mm

How to choose your materials

Mold Parts

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