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Punches for Fastening Industry
Steel Punch Pins

GS Machining Co., LTD offers a complete line of custom / non-standard punches and pins with different steel, it includes forming punch, profile punch, press punch, hexagon punch, square punch, stepped punch, T-punch, bottle-neck punch. We have the engineering expertise and experiences to supply special punches and pins for our customer’s existing as well as new applications. They are applied to metal stamping, cold forging and powder metallurgy industries. Our good quality products result in our clients having improved in-plant productivity and quality performance as well as reduced manufacturing costs.

GS Machining capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Diameters minimum to 0.4mm while holding tolerances down to 0.001mm
  • Manufacturing Point Diameters down to 0.08mm.
  • Surface finish including shank and end face down to Ra0.1
  • Manufactured in both in Metric and British for special and custom ejector pins.
  • Concentricity up to 0.005mm, depending on part design could be tighter.
  • Offer cold working steel including but not limited to A2, D2, M50, H13, 1.2067, 1.2080, 1.2083, 1.2210, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2516, 1.2767, 1.2842.
  • Offer high speed steel including but not limited to M2, M42, 1.3343, 1.3344, HSS, SKD11, SKH 9, SKH51, S600.
  • Offer powder metallurgic steel including but not limited to CPM 10V, CPM Rex M4, Vanadis 23, Vanadis 30, Vanadis 60, Vanadis 4 extra 

Why Choose Us?

  • Response
    Response in 12 hours and comprehensive quotation will be offered in 24 hours. Valuable advices will be offered from our experienced team.

  • Advanced Equipments
    Wire-EDM from Seibu of Japan, Mirror-EDM from MITSUBISHI of Japan, CNC Grinding Machines etc.

  • Competitive Price
    Located in World Manufacturing City: Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Thanks to complete supply chain here, Competitive price can be offered.

  • No MOQ Limitation
    One piece is acceptable and No MOQ limitation. You can have a free choice on your order’s quantity.

  • Free Samples
    Free samples can be provided. Avoiding any quality deviation before placing an order.

  • 100% Quality Control
    100% quality control during production and before delivery. QC reports can be offered together with delivery.

  • On-Time Delivery
    Products delivered by days, not weeks. For simple parts, 3-5 days is available.

  • After-sale Service
    If you aren’t satisfied with our parts, refund your money or replacements will be arranged. No risks of losing money.


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