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GS Machining Co., LTD offers a complete line of plastic extrusion mould components with different steel, its head dies, calibrators, water tanks and filters. We have the engineering expertise and experiences to supply plastic mold components according to our customers’ design and drawings.  They are applied to extrude deck, floor, wall panel, automotive profiles and industry profiles. Our good quality products result in our clients having improved in-plant productivity and quality performance as well as reduced manufacturing costs.

GS Machining capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Long calibrators with length 500mm
  • High accuracy parts with tolerance in 0.01mm
  • Polished channel surface with roughness Ra0.1 for smooth extrusion
  • Cost-effective components, 1 piece is available
  • Fast delivery time with 7-15 days
  • Offer the widest range of in-stock materials including but not limited to Alu6061, Brass, M300, S136H, Stainless Steel, 3Cr17, 3Cr17MoNiV, or as per your request

Why Choose GS Machining?


Comprehensive quotation within 24 hours. Any tolerances we can’t guarantee, our engineering team will tell you when sending quotation.


Various materials are available. tungsten carbide, WS (tool steel) , HWS (High carbon high chrome steel) , HSS (High speed steel) , Vanadis 23 (High performance powered high speed steel) , WAS (Hot working steel) , CPM 10V (High performance powered high speed steel) .


Be good at international standards such as ISO 2768, Punch DIN9861D, Punch DIN ISO 8020, Die DIN 9845, Die ISO 8977, Punch guide bush ISO 8978 etc.


Flexible payment terms and no MOQ, 1 piece is acceptable. Free samples can be provided also.


Various coating TiN, TiCN, TiALN, CrN, DLC etc. can be supplied.

Quality Assurance

100% full inspection before delivery. QC reports and material certificates sent together.


Products with consistent quality delivered by days, not weeks. Quickest delivery time 3-5 days is possible.

After-sale Service

Considerate after-sales services. QC is the most important process in GS, general speaking, all defected parts will be stopped before delivery. If such things happen, GS will do its utmost to solve. Replacement will be offered with shipping cost prepaid by us.


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